It is the intention of the Heads Up For Hope Brain Injury and Caregivers Support Group (HUH) to provide a safe, comfortable, ‘trigger free’ environment that allows for sharing of personal experiences related to members injuries. Treatments, obstacles, tools learned, educational materials and resources.

The Heads Up for Hope mission is to provide HOPE for those who have survived a brain injury and their family or caregivers.

You are not alone………

A brain injury can leave you confused. You have had an injury, you look like yourself to your family and friends, but inside your head, your thoughts are different.  You may have difficulty remembering things, experience mood swings and sensitivity to lights and sounds, difficulty reading or using the computer / phone, you are questioning yourself….what is going on? Your family and friends are also confused and concerned, you are not acting like you!  It is a very scary and lonely time. You may feel isolated and do not know what to do next.

You are not alone…….

Heads Up for Hope offers a community support group for you after your brain injury and for your caregivers or family members. A brain injury is a hidden injury, but it can affect all of you.  Heads Up for Hope offers a safe, informative atmosphere for sharing frustrations, challenges, difficulties with others who are also experiencing similar issues.  Within the group, our members offer concrete ideas for managing daily life, exploring strategies for alternative ways to do things, celebrating accomplishments, and providing reassurances for a better day and a better life.

Heads Up for Hope offers hope!

Heads Up for Hope offers an environment where, You are not alone…….

Once you choose hope… anything is possible.

-Christopher Reeve


Steve Lucido


Born 1952 in Baltimore, MD.
USMC Veteran, Vietnam.
Married (Nicole) 33 years. Three children, four grandchildren.
Real Estate Investor/ Developer/Retired
Edwards, CO resident for 20+ years.
Hobbies – Paragliding, horses, guitar and motorcycles .

Accident related Traumatic Brain Injury in 2014.

When I returned to the Valley after TBI treatment in California, what I missed most was interaction with peers from my support groups. There is so much relief being with people who understand your issues without explanation. Sharing with and caring for my friends in Heads Up for HOPE has been and will continue to be an important part of my lifelong recovery.


Diane Smooke


Diane is a retired Occupational Therapist, with 40 years of experience. She has worked with brain injured people in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, out patient centers, and community re-entry programs.  She used her expertise to improve functional skills for her patients so they may resume their lives.

She has lived full time in Edwards since 2012, with her husband and dog. She enjoys skiing, bicycling, and gardening. Diane has volunteered with Heads Up for Hope since it’s inception to continue her passion to advocate for survivors of a brain injury and their caregivers/ family members


Leslie Davis

Vice President

A graduate of the University of Cincinnati, she practices architectural design and is the owner of an architectural | interior design firm in Edwards. She is a full time Vail Valley resident of 40 years and is married with two adult children and two grandchildren. She enjoys family time, skiing, hiking and knitting.

She was first introduced to Heads Up for HOPE through her son who is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivor. The support and comfort he receives through HUH inspired her involvement in the group.

Leslie is excited to be on the HUH board and to provide empathetic support for the well being of its members.


Elizabeth Sullivan


Elizabeth has a son that was a competitive skier with VSSA/Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy. He has suffered over 10 concussions during his career and had a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) competing in the Aspen Open. His brain has never been the same since. When life was crashing down on Mitchell, Elizabeth searched high and low in Eagle County for help for her brain injured son. There was no support, no resources, no help. She finally had to find help and a supportive residential environment in Denver. 

In 2017 two brain injured survivors established a support group in eagle county so Elizabeth decided to join the board and see if her experience could help others. From that initial group, she, Steve, Diane and Leslie established HUH in order to continue to support and help the brain injured community of Eagle County. 

Elizabeth is also so committed to helping the brain injured population, that she is yoga certified with both the Love Your Brain organization and Comeback Yoga; two amazing organizations that help the brain injured populations with meditation and yoga. 

Elizabeth’s real dream is to have a supportive Brain Injury Care Facility here in the Valley that caters to the minor concussion person, the continual brain injury person, and to the recovering brain injury population. A place where people can get the correct diagnosis, treatment, therapies, support, and life skills that these amazing people deserve.